Turn your managers into effective people leaders
in 90 days... instead of the 3-5 year industry average.

Hi, I’m Bob Donaldson. My Invite Attract & Cultivate (IAC) Leadership Coaching System provides faster leadership development for front line supervisors, middle managers and executives.

I welcome you to schedule a free strategy conversation with me and my team where we will provide you with a leader development plan customized to suit your unique goals.

In this video I breakdown how the IAC leadership development system works, who it's for, the problems it solves and what you'll gain from a call.

Case Studies

Shawn Quinlan

Mechanical Superintendent for Dublin San Ramon Services District

Case Study: Shawn uses Bob’s training to impact workforce performance and communication, morale and productivity across his divisions and teams.

Client Director for Kennedy Jenks Consulting Firm, Engineer

Gerald Fejarang

Case Study: Bob provides personalized performance assessments for 80 employees working for Client A and targeted leadership training for critical managers.

Operations Director at a Wastewater Treatment Plant (Retired)

David Hall

Case Study: Bob’s leadership spearheads transformation of wastewater treatment plant from notorious industry underperformer, to an award-winning public agency.

Who This Is For

Business executives and senior leaders who need a plan to train up their managers into effective leaders in 3 months instead of 5 years.


HR Executives and Directors

Operations Executives and Directors

Industries We Serve


Teach your plant and department managers to lead from the front, communicate effectively and earn the trust of the teams below them and the support from management above. Align your front-line plant operations, front-line supervisors, middle managers and senior leadership. Improve your culture, morale, enhance production schedules and KPIs and lower your turnover.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Identify your leadership and communication gaps across the supply chain and align supply chain components with effective, accountable leaders. Lower your production costs, reduce your material waste and increase time efficiency in your production cycle by developing leaders capable of supporting cross-functional communication and a trust-enhanced culture.


Improve in-store experiences for your end customer and increase your sales. Strengthen your team relationships, improve manager motivation and promote mentoring relationships between managers and in-store employees. Reduce your turnover and improve job satisfaction ratings from managers. For e-commerce retailers, similar benefits as experienced by supply chain leaders.

IT Services & Consulting

Mentor your technical experts to get in the trenches with their teams and get engaged with customers. Teach your managers the soft skills and people leadership that will be transformative for your tech leads who were promoted to front line or management roles based on their strong technical ability but may have gaps in their interpersonal or leadership skills.


Principle, Tanner Pacific

John Mahoney

“Bob creates structures and processes to where people are empowered to make decisions within their governing authority at the lowest levels, which tends to have them lean in more, do a better job and invest themselves more…which has contributed to a very successful program that he managed.”

John Schwarz

Owner & Founder, JHS Consulting

“Bob’s style is roll-up-your sleeves and get in the trenches with everybody and work through the problems together. I found that Bob’s style is very collaborative just by nature and that makes the team feel cohesive, feel like they’re heard and feel like they’re going in the same direction.”

Karl Royer

Asset Management Specialist

“You couldn’t make people have great days at the office, but you could make a work environment that was not unhealthy. People could come to work expecting to have a day just to deal with the problems of the workplace, not the drama taking place in somebody else’s life. And that came through accountability, and accountability was the beginning of trust.”

“One of the things I don’t think I’ve seen… are these quick start steps. Bob has laid out literally a recipe with easy, simple-follow steps that you just have to kind of work your way through. You could start at the very basic level and immediately you’ll learn something that you could use the very next day in helping your development and your growth.”

Senior Advisor, DNS Strategic Partners LLC

EJ Shalaby

Jeff Carson

Operations Director for a Special District

“My first assignment was to re-org my department and train up managers and supervisors to meet the expectations of the service that we want to provide. In order to do that, I couldn’t cut myself into many different parts and so the first person I thought about was Bob, who lives and breathes the philosophies that I like.”

Todd Beecher

President, Beecher Engineering Inc.

“There are real steps, real tangible actions that you can not only practice but that you can perfect—you can strive to perfect, as a manager and also a team member. This is not just for project managers, this is for anybody who’s involved in a collaborative team that is interested in enhancing performance of the overall team.”

“Bob empowered each person to have the authority to make decisions in these emergencies. And we would go back and ask, but we made decisions and it was the open communications that allowed us to just get in and work. You do have to constantly check in… but at the same time, we could make 5 steps forward and then check in.”

Founder & President

Ken Lindberg

Who should book a call?

  • You need your managers, supervisors and/or senior leaders to grow their leadership skillsets but aren’t sure where best to focus

  • Your a large organization with a great culture in general, but there are key processing plants, warehouses, or facilities that have critical leadership challenges

  • You’re looking to develop managers and supervisors into leaders much faster than what your current approach is producing

  • Your organization is about to enter an extended growth sprint or seek new markets and lines of business and you need to solve leader and culture issues before you scale

  • You feel you can build a strong training program yourself, but you have too many things to do and just don’t have the time

  • Your organization’s culture feels currently “stuck” in some negative patterns, and you’ve tried other solutions but feel unsatisfied with the progress you’ve made so far

  • You’re looking for a fresh pair of eyes to help understand what’s driving any turnover issues, interpersonal conflicts, negative perceptions of your culture, or disengaged employees and managers

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Hi, I’m Bob Donaldson. My Invite Attract & Cultivate (IAC)
Leadership Coaching System 

provides faster leadership development for
supervisors, middle managers & execs.

Schedule a free strategy conversation and we'll give you a leader development plan custom suited to your unique goals.

Turn your managers into effective people leaders
in 90 days... instead of the 3-5 year industry average.

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Senior Advisor, DNS Strategic Partners LLC

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